JINLONG diesel generator set is usually used for the power generation of base station of telecommunications. The unit is subject to the provincial 1000KW-500KW and regional city 400KW-100KW with the general use of a short time and selected according to reserve capacity; it is generally as the common unit below the district and county 100KW. In addition to the self-starting, self-switching, self-running, self-input, self-shutdown, etc., such application is also equipped with various fault alarm and automatic protection devices.

Product Requirements
1.Working Environment
(1) Not more than 3000 meters above sea level;
(2) Operate normally from -15 ℃ to 40 ℃;
(3) Beyond this temperature range, the special unit can be used;
(4) The overloading for 1 hour by 10% can be made per 12 hours;

2.Automation Function
Automatic startup and automatic loading:
The unit automatically starts after receiving self-control or remote control startup commands, with the startup success rate of more than 99%. A startup cycle includes three startups, with the time gas of 10-15s between two startups; after the unit starts successfully, it shall be able to make automatic loading when the machine oil pressure reaches the specified values and the loading time is usually 10s; the unit no longer starts after three startups and sends the signal of startup failure. If the standby unit is available, the startup command shall be able to reach the standby unit.
Automatic unloading and shutdown: the unit can perform automatic unloading and shutdown after receiving the self-control or remote control shutdown commands. The shutdown methods include the normal shutdown and emergency shutdown. Normal shutdown procedure: cut off the main circuit (switch off air switch or transfer ATS to the mains side); emergency shutdown procedure: immediately cut off the main circuit and fuel oil circuit.
Automatic protection: the unit has protections for low machine oil pressure, overvoltage, overspeed, overload, short circuit and phase lack, the water cooling unit gas the high-temperature protection function and the air cooling unit has the high cylinder temperature protection function.
Low exhaust emissions ensure the air quality in the surrounding environment;
Noise reduction measures can be further developed according to different environmental requirements;

3.Remote Monitoring Capability
Meet the technical requirements for remote monitoring and have the functions of remote sensing, remote signaling and remote control to be able to make real-time remote monitoring of unit operating parameters and operating state. When the unit has unusual circumstances or serious failures, the automatic alarm to the monitoring center and remote control of unit can be achieved. The standard communication protocols can be provided.

4.Serial and Parallel Operation Function
Serial operation backup function: it can coordinate with the ATS to achieve automatic switching of mains and diesel generator set or dual standby switching between two diesel generator sets.
Parallel operation and expansion function: two or more three-phase units with the same models and specifications meet the stable running within the 20%-100%rated power range under the conditions of rated power factors. To improve the reasonable distribution precision of active power and reactive power and running stability, the diesel engine governor in the unit has the adjustable device with the steady state governing rate from 2% to 5%. The voltage regulating device in the control cabinet (panel) can adjust the steady state voltage regulating factor within the range of 5%.

5.Safety Measures
The unit is equipped with grounding protection and emergency shutdown button;
The unit can send sound and light alarm signals in the case of too low oil pressure, too high water temperature, too low water level, overload, startup failure, overspeed, short circuit, phase lack, too high voltage, voltage loss, low frequency, too low voltage of startup battery, too high voltage of startup battery, low oil level, etc.;
Brushless permanent magnet excitation AC generator is used to improve motor starting bearing capacity and non-linear load capacity and provide immunity for the waveform distortion of mainframe stator output voltage and stronger short-circuit current withstanding capacity (usually up to 3 times of rated current for continuous 10S);
The full automatic transfer switch cabinet can be selected according to needs;
Unit / mains switch time is not more than 20 seconds and automatic shutdown is made after operation and cooling for 0-300s from the mains restoration;
Performance Guarantee
The unit uses high-end brand engines and generators, with powerful performance;
The unit can be equipped with a large oil tank to ensure the unit running for 12-24 hours;
Low exhaust emissions ensure the quality of the environment;
Unit MTBF is not less than 2000 hours;
Optimal design and strong environmental adaptability;