STC Series Three-Phase

The alternators/generators are to be used in town, the countryside, work site, mountain and pasture lands as a electric power source for lighting purpose. It can also be used as a reserved power source for emergent case. The alternators/generators are of drip-proof with rotary field type and with the adoption of harmonic excitation system, that allow your easy operation and simple maintenance. The alternators/generators are of three-phase four-wire type, making use of star connection with neutral point. 

They can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through V-belt making right or reverse continuous rotation at the rated speed. When the revolution slip of prime mover is 3% and load varies in the range of 0-100% cos1.0-0.8 they give good constant voltage. After sudden change (increase or decrease ) of load. The alternators/generators will soon return to their normal working state. Without any starting devices the alternators/generators can directly start an unloaded squirrel cage induction motor. Power range:1kW--75kW